Multimedia art for the well-being
of the communities
and the environment.

We create our artistic projects from the land now known as Canada.
We want to acknowledge the Territories of the diverse first caretakers and traditional keepers ( known in English as First Nations, Métis, and Inuit ) of this land and waters and give thanks to them for sharing their land, resources, and knowledge with us.

What we do

Jobel brings together the arts and the knowledge to create emotions, convey information, and raise awareness.
Based on scientific and academic research, we design an emotional engagement with performing arts-visual and digital arts.
This multidisciplinary model maximizes the impact of the content
you want


to communicate through your events or training programs. The originality of our service stands in our ability to build specific and tailor-made projects.
We amplify the purposeful and sustainable values of organizations, public and private institutions, companies, and the educational ecosystem.

Our Services

Jobel is committed to reflecting on the relationship between Humanity, Planet, Arts and Sciences.
Our projects explore five main areas :

  • Environnement and Communities
  • Science and Sustainability
  • Education and well-being
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Spiritual Heritage


Between a conference and a show, the SmarTalk blends the emotional power of the arts with scientific and academic content to maximize the impact of communication. SmarTalk is available live, online or in hybrid format.


A short live performance ( 3 to 8 min) with multimedia content to open empathy and emotions to prepare the audience to embrace the message of your event better.


We are specialize in creating animations and interactions on specific social and environmental topics. We have observed that a playful approach and empathy are vital to initiating the awareness process.

Video projects

Engaging, and isnpirational video-content to introduce-explain a particular topic. We can create video project for your conferences, webinars, events and communication campaigns.

Events creation

Jobel designs and creates your unique event using our original script-writing and emotional engagement design models.

Business theatre

A training program to improve communication skills by making the best use of the expressive potential of our body, voice, and unique creativity.

For Tomorrow Labs

Engaging, dynamic and multidisciplinary workshops dedicated to students from schools, colleges, and universities to explore and design innovative sustainable development models.

Creative Installations

Interactive public art projects on social and environnementla themes based on scientific and academic researches. Our new project for 2023-2025: Independently Together.

Creative Process & operating method

Jobel has conceived an integrated working method that involves collaboration with experts, research and experimentation.
Throughout the design and production process, the relationship with the client is always a priority.

Observation and analysis

Each project arises from observing the contemporary world from different points of view. The following analytical process identifies the fundamental elements of a topic.

Ideation and conception

The essential elements of a topic are placed within an original conception and design that responds to the needs of the project context.

Script and creation

Each design, supported by consultations with scientific and academic experts, is translated into different artistic languages (performance, digital, visual) that compose an original script.


Creating a work (live or digital) involves the creative input of the individual artists who enrich each stage of production.

methode FR

Recent realizations


A video dance series on social and environmental themes funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.


A multimedia public art work funded by the City of Montreal and the Québec Ministry of Culture and Communications.

Walking Goals

The sustainable development goals come alive to animate the united nations building in Bangkok.

United Nations

Opening of the United Nations Economic and Social Council in the Plenary Hall of the UN Headquarters in New York.

Dante's Perspective

An online event on Dante Alighieri for the Italian Embassy in Ottawa and the IIC in Toronto. Canadian and Italian artists and guest speaker from Princeton University.


A series of short videos for UNESCO and the Climate Change Adaptation Forum to inform and raise awareness about climate change adaptation and the state of water in the world.

Who We Are


Jobel is a multidisciplinary art organization engaged in implementing communication, information, and outreach projects for the well-being of the communities and the planet. Jobel creates and realizes its projects in North America, Europe, et Asia. We create our projects for local, regional, national, and international organizations, public and private institutions, scientific institutions, the world of education, private companies, and non-profit organizations. Since 2015, we have been committed to contributing to implementing the United Nations 2030 Agenda.


Being an inspiration and source of reflection for every human being. Sensitizing and activating a path of awareness through the specific language of the arts and creativity. Jobel aims to elevate a spirit of constructive participation towards a model of sustainability and well-being for the communities and the planet.


THE POSITIVE IMPACT OF THE ARTS Art's ability to transform complex systems into accessible knowledge and active awareness.
AN ENGAGED TEAM: we enhance the potential of each collaborator to be an active part of our mission.
EFFICIENCY in optimization and goal achievement.
EMPOWERMENT growing and strengthening the creative qualities of each person.
COMMITMENT TO THE PRINCIPLES OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: directing the company's choices to contribute to a just social and environmental transition.

The meaning of Jobel

The name Jobel is the sound produced by the ram's horn, which in ancient times was played to announce a year without conflict.

Jobel Team Canada

Marinella Montanari

General director & Artistic director

Isabel Andrade

Creative Content Creator

Jared Plumb

Video Content Creator

Claire Campbell

Dancer and Teacher


Dancer and Teacher

Aiden Dawn

Singer and Vocal coach

Artistic Residence

Jobel Center is a place made of art and nature.
A production-creation and research center,
a space for artistic creation,
a space for education and well-being,
a space to welcome creative talents and to encourage international cultural encounters.

Jobel Center is located In the heart of Italy, near Rome, in an uncontaminated natural area rich in history, art, and culture.

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Together, to strive for a new mindful balance between our life and the planet's natural life.”

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